Internship descriptions now being accepted

Welcome to the most innovative internship program available to Yale students - Bulldogs Across America. For the past 13 years, the Bulldogs program has changed the lives of 1,061 Yale students by providing meaningful work experiences, lifelong friendships and exposure to unique parts of the country.

scav hunt.bmpEach Bulldogs city offers its own unique flair and powerful resources to help connect you to Yale alumni, civic and business leaders, as well as engage you in fun community activities. We invite you to spend the best summer of your life as a Bulldog!

Students: Applications for job with Bulldogs Across America program are submitted through eRecruiting on Yale's Undergraduate Services website.  Bulldogs Across America does NOT limit the number of applications a student may submit. Many students submit multiple applications to multiple cities.  Seniors are encouraged to apply!

International Students:  You will need to apply for permission from immigration to work off campus (Optional Practical Training) to engage in a BAA internship. OPT applications can take up to three months for immigration to process, so advance planning is required.  These applications must be submitted through the Office of International Students and Scholars. For full information on the OPT application process go to or contact

NOTE: Applications to the Cleveland program are submitted through eRecruiting and the Cleveland program's separate website. Click on the Cleveland link above for more information. a14.jpg

Employers: To post a position, click on the city name above, then select "Submit internship description" from the city's drop down menu.

To view the full list of Bulldogs Across America jobs, click on the "BAA Internships" link above. 

To learn more BITR.gifabout each city, simply click on the city's name above.

The internship work dates are as follows:

Louisville, Denver, Houston, Minneapolis, and St. Louis are Tuesday, May 29-Friday, August 3, 2012. Cleveland is June 9-August 4th. Santa Fe program dates are May 29-July 20th. New Orleans is May 29-July 27th.  S an Francisco has multiple start/end dates.

Please confirm your work dates with your employer during your interview and carefully consider these dates before committing to an internship.


For questions, contact Bulldogs Across America Coordinator Ann Curtis, , 502-459-3876, or Bulldogs Founder Rowan Claypool '80, , 502-599-5061.

The mission of Bulldogs Across America is to create and support alumni sponsored internship programs that are sustainable by the local community. In addition, the programs will provide meaningful internships, free or low cost housing, a comprehensive set of high content events and presentations which illuminate the host community, and profound personal engagement of alumni and interns. It is a significant educational and maturing experience for the participants and one they will regard as invaluable in their Yale career.